The O2: Blueroom

Structural and interior refurbishment at world-famous venue

Stenball was recommended for this contract which comprised a £1.8m structural and interior refurbishment of O2’s exclusive Blueroom for premium mobile network users. A daytime zone has the coolest contemporary feel while the evening zone is lavish and is THE place to be seen, post-show.

Given its location within one of London’s most iconic developments security was naturally a major challenge. All vehicle movements were booked in, in advance and coordinated seamlessly, in very specific time slots, with absolutely no ‘wiggle room’. All workers on-site, including all Stenball’s tried and trusted contractors had to be fully qualified and pre-cleared to work on the construction, a typical challenge Stenball’s health and safety team take in their stride. When constructional issues emerged, Stenball’s experienced input and ideas meant the build flexed slightly from the original plans and artist’s impressions, but met the brief perfectly – and on time and on budget.